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Discipline is not a punishment!

The world is detoxing!

WHY don’t you take the challenge for yourself to make your body healthy to have a better chance to fight off the disease.

Refrain from eating so much food maybe try some intermitting fasting pick a window that suits you men 16 hours, women 14 to 15 hours I am doing 8AM to 5 PM eating and fasting from 5 PM to 8 AM please consult your doctor before doing this refrain from caffeine and alcohol, sugar, white flour processed foods if you can. How about a nice healthy salad there are plenty of fruits and vegetables around, skip the chicken fingers and fries and sugary cereals for your kids, if you can and and now have the time to do so make them nutritional foods, think the color of the rainbow now is the time to detox ourselves from toxins and parasites in our body if you do that by Easter you will feel renewed. 

Other suggestions now is the time to D clutter your home get rid of things that no longer serve you anymore.

When in stores take a step back and breathe we don’t need to hurt one another remember you choose peace in your mind no one else if you are interested in taking my health tonic blazing apple cider vinegar a tablespoon a day or in a marinade or salad dressing notify me and I will send it free of charge stay well happy and free. Find here more about house cleaning Los Angeles Yelp.

Vegetarian chili recipe one can if chili beans or other beans of your choice can of Tomatoes or fresh tomatoes one pepper one onion two cloves of garlic can of teaspoon of cumin teaspoon of chili powder cup of water or vegetable broth.

Sauté onions garlic pepper add the rest of the ingredients.

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