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Small Shifts for a Healthier Life

Change doesn’t happen overnight, but the actions you take each day – no matter how small – add up over time.

When you feel frustrated, stuck, or like you could use a self-care pick-me-up, take a look at the list below and challenge yourself to try something.  They’re simple yet significant, and they can empower you to keep moving forward on your health journey.

  1. Eat light at night – larger meals at night will cause your body to get less rest it needs at bedtime
  2. Up your gratitude game – start your day in a more positive light
  3. Fork up, fork down – putting your fork down between bites
  4. Go (in the) green – go for a walk in a nearby park, or a stroll through a flower garden
  5. Be here now – next time when you are tempted to check your phone when talking with a loved one…pause
  6. Set aside “me time” minutes – daily moments of joy is enough to reduce stress levels and uplift your spirits
  7. Drink with a twist – jazz up your water by throwing in a few slices of your favorite fruits for a fun twist
  8. Take five… – set aside five minutes from your day to check in with yourself, your thoughts, and your emotions
  9. Keep moving! – challenge yourself to fit more movement into your day

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