Use The Buddy System

Let’s face it, it’s easier to flake on the plan to cook dinner for yourself than it is to ditch your plans to do so for your wife/boyfriend/grandma. Harness that devotion in your resolution making. Try “for you, I will eat 3 servings of vegetables every weekday this year.” Even go for making each other’s NYR. You’re more likely to follow through if someone you love is counting on it.

Equip yourself with the right tools and people around to help you keep your New Years Resolution intact

Be Vocal, Tell Everyone…Tell Yourself

Building off the last point, being vocal about your goals can help you stick to it, both overtly and subconsciously. Telling your neighbor, your boss, your neighbor’s boss, etc not only renders you accountable for your words, but also keeps reminding your subconscious mind what the goal is. If your goal is to move out, visit this site
Keep that subconscious up-to-date by reciting your resolution in the mirror, in the car, in the shower, you name it. It sounds a little out there, sure, but isn’t that why you’re reading?

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